CANARI is a free access web portal for agricultural actors wishing to calculate directly online, simply and quickly, local agro-climatic indicators from climate projections. These indicators are constructed from several climate models to illustrate possible changes by 2050.

In short

The CANARI application allows quick and direct online visualization of more than a hundred Agro-Climate Indicators (ACI) covering the needs of the different agricultural sectors. Each ACI can be calculated locally over the whole Europe for the period of the Near Future (period 2020-2050) and the Far Future (2050-2100) according to a multi-models approach, making it possible to identify a greater variability of the evolutions future climate. In order to adequately use the ACIs offered by CANARI, it is recommended to already be initiated and aware of climate change in agriculture.

The CANARI portail is the result of the partnership between Solagro, a specialist in agricultural issues and climate change, and Makina Corpus, a designer of IT solutions and open source web applications. Scientific support on the use of climate projections was requested from the French laboratory IPSL (Institut Pierre Simon Laplace, specialist in climate modelling) but also from the MARS unit of the JRC (Joint Research Center of the European Union) involved on the issues of adaptation in the agricultural sector. More information »

To use the CANARI application we ask you to register, the data provided will only be used within the framework of this project in order to improve the application (see legal notices).

Find the User Guide here.
A great possibility of local calculations.
Freely adjustable indicators.

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